Saturday, May 9, 2009

What's Up!

Here's a little bit of what's been up in the Sloan household...

Strawberries are up. From one of the best places a strawberry can be from, Watsonville, California. They came in this week's LPO box and the boys have simply devoured them. They don't like them cut up either. No way. They like to full-fist them like apples, bite into them and let the juice run down their chins. The collars of their shirts attest to that.
Don't mind Ben's upset face. He was scolded for throwing food just a few minutes prior.

Haircuts are also up. Both boys got their manes tamed this week. It TOTALLY changes their appearances! Our fabulous stylist willing barber promises it will help their hair come in more even and curlier-we'll see!

Gardens are up. Jer built this container garden for me a couple weeks ago. It's been a desire of mine to do this for the past few years but I haven't been willing to see it through. This year I finally did it though! And the endeavour has already been so rewarding! The plants grow so quickly, almost like a newborn. There are changes everyday. Now if only I could keep Abe from picking the flowers that are vital for growing lots of veggies!

3 weeks ago

First fruits: TomatoesStrawberries

Bell peppers
Physical therapy for Ben is up. Well, almost. I have a consultation meeting Monday at 2:30 with the service coordinator from Alta Mira. Alta Mira is the company that will carry out any PT work with Ben once our ECEP evaluation is complete in August. They have a variety of home based services that they offer and they are coming in part to discuss them all with us. Part of me is excited and the other part nervous. I'll keep you posted on what Monday holds but if you think of us, please pray! Specifically for wisdom for the docs and us. We would sure appreciate it!

Unpacified, one nap toddlers are up. We are officially PACIFIER FREE AND IN THE SWING OF ONE NAP A DAY. Sorry for the caps. I think the intensity of this last week is coming through. Yowza!! The jury is still out on whether one nap a day is gonna cut it for both boys. Ben seems ready. A.B., not so much. I could go on and on about the complications/frustrations of non-napping grumpy children. Specifically MY non-napping grumpy children. However, I am trying to maintain a right perspective. My boys still give us 12 glorious hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. As for this? This is just a season. This is just a season. This is just a season. Sigh.

Last, and certainly not least, I am parting ways with the pump. I won't say much more than that because you came hear to read about B&A, not the feeding woes of their mother. But I will say that it has been, single-handedly, the most inconvienient and time consuming things about being a mother-thus far. It has also been the hardest thing to give up. Almost 15 months of providing food and nourishment for my boys proves harder to give up than I would have ever thought.'s time.

Wow! Big week, huh?!

So there you have it! A few tidbits from our week!


Anonymous said...

And what a week I bet it was. So many big firsts for you and these guys. They're growing so fast!!! I love the garden. Makes me jealous. And yes, who can't resist Watsonville strawberries. Poor Benji is going to have to learn to not be so sensitive when corrected. Which is redder, his face or the strawberry? Tell him, "if he was my child, I would let him throw food."

Love you guys,

Grammy Pammy

Anonymous said...

I so love to read your blog...I can't believe you tackled so much these last weeks! Major things, you must be in shock! If you want me to watch Abe Monday let me know...I can handle it! Love ya, sally

The Brooks Family said...

SArah my boys took naps untill kindergarten. and they still do if they can... i would always just send them to their room and after a couple minutes or a lot longer they would always all asleep :) boys work to hard...they need to sleep even for a few minutes :) And mommy's work hard so they need their boys to sleep, even for a few
love you good luck

The Brooks Family said...

oh and I LOVE your grden, i had plans for Ry to biuld me one too!! Jer was faster :)
It looks great!

Sydni said...

A garden! I've always wanted to do that. I may have to have you give me some tips on that some day. Happy Mom's Day! ~Sydni

Susan said...

Oh, my.. there is soo much happening in the Sloan world! I love the haircuts. Love them. They make the boys look so big! And way to go on the garden, friend!! It looks great!

Tania said...

I have to tell you, I am super impressed that you have stuck with the breast milk this long... I didn't go this long with them one at a time! I would like to plant veggies one of these days when I am not being lazy.. I will do that.. :) Great to catch up!!

Gina said...

Way to go Sarah!

I've been really behind at checking blogs....sorry to hear that the one nap/day is still hard. I think it was a month or two before I realized that it was a good thing, when they both finally started sleeping one good SOLID nap. Hang in there, you're doing great!