Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Photo Session

Reasons why the pictures from our photo shoot should not have turned out:
  1. There were two sets of twins there, mine and hers (who were 9 weeks old, by the way)
  2. I was late, late, late
  3. Abe fell into a stream 2 shots into our session
  4. Abe fell into a stream 2 shots into our session
  5. Abe fell into a stream 2 shots into our session
  6. It was about a million degrees
  7. The mosquitoes were insane and literally sucking us dry
  8. My upper lip would not stop quivering from the stress of the morning

Reasons why the photos from our photo shoot turned out:

  1. Our photographer rocks
  2. Photoshop rocks

So here are a few of my favorites! Hope you enjoy seeing our 1st family photo session! Oh, and Abe is SOAKING wet in every picture except for the 4th. :)


The Brooks Family said...

even if you had to go through a battle to get them!

Tania said...

Those came out GREAT! Super fun!! and what memories!!!

Sydni said...

I was wondering if you were going to post that story! Well, my favorite is the second to the last picture. Super photos! ~Sydni

Caitlin said...

I love all of them! By the way... you can't even tell that Abe is wet... just adorable!

Susan said...

They turned out just great, friend, just great!

Aunt Courtney said...

I think the first picture should be entitled "Dis."

Aunt Kim said...

"He dropped him!"...."He dropped him!"

Anonymous said...

I say Kim hit it right on the nose. The pictures are good. I will call you with an order.

Grammy Pammy