Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

So while some things in motherhood... may never change.Some will all to quickly.
My wee little babes grew bigger feet,
and now they move so swiftly. Sigh.
I am so thankful to have enjoyed my second Mother's day as Ben and A.B.'s momma. We spent our morning at church and then had an incredibly relaxing picnic at the park, just us four. While the boys ate their weight in grapes, Jer and I feasted on ham, swiss, and brie sandwiches. Then we all indulged in an afternoon nap. It was a wonderful day.
As for the above photo, it's a picture of one of the most treasured gifts that I ever have received. Last year, Jer gave me this frame and photo and the items necessary to "print" the boys' feet. This year, we continued the tradition and were amazed to see such tangible proof of their growth! I'm not sure how long the current frame will allow for the unique artwork, but I think we've got a year or two before we've got to come up with a new idea. Maybe.


The Brooks Family said...

love it!!
what a great gift Dad!

Anonymous said...

That was truly a traditional Mother's Day. Relaxing and enjoyable. Looks like Benji has picked up some of his mamma's old traits. Doesn't like his picture taken.

Love you guys,

Grammy Pammy

Caitlin said...

Happy (belated) Mother's Day Miss Sarah! Glad y'all had a good day!

P.S. How did you guys get the boys to do the same thing as they did last year in that second pic? It was very cute by the way!

Tania said...

That is a great idea with the frame!!! :) Do you put initials so you know whose feet are which.. may be necessary as the feet get bigger and run into each other. :) Happy mothers day!!

Aunt Kim said...

Funny. I was thinking the exact same thing as Grammy Pammy! But we continued to love you just the same Miss Sarah.

PS-Tell Jer he scored BIG points on that idea.