Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sitting Pretty!

Not a great picture but t I'm learning to take what I can get. "Still" children are a rarity these days.


Sydni said...

Look at that face! Makes me want to pinch his cute little cheeks! ~Sydni

jedishoney said...

I think this is the first pic on here I have seen.. with Ben sitting on his own! I will have to look back to make sure! :)

Sarah said...

Hey Tania! You're correct, he's only been sitting the last few weeks and really only when he wants to. He's on a standing kick lately. He's a VERY funny about when and where he wants to do things!

Sarah said...

That's my Bengino! I bet he says "Da Da" by Feb 26th...who wants in?


Aunt Kim said...

Go Benji!
Go Benji!

I am all in, I call February 17th.

All that standing....maybe he will walk first???????