Sunday, January 18, 2009

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Just look at that arch! Hand raised, body off the ground!

Little boy, Benjamin, is becoming quite the jack of all trades these days. He's moving like a champ and even though he's not "cruising" like his brother, he still finds ways to keep himself entertained and into enough mischief! He's really taken off on the crawling too. It's a funny crawl where he still pulls with his arms more than he uses his knees, but day by day he's gaining strength and distance. Let's just say that life has become even more interesting with TWO mobile boys.

Speaking of interesting...let's talk about teething! Yowza! Eight teeth, between two boys, are working their way through VERY puffy gums, as you read. I pray they break before I do. A few times we've all three needed some Tylenol and a nap. The good news is that Benji will hopefully have a few chompers for eating birthday cake come February 26th! Come on' teeth! Such big boys they are!

In other news on the home front, we're really making strides in the food department. It seems there is so much that the boys are eating and I've even found that I can *sometimes* give them tastes off of my plate. So far, faves include eggs, cheese, yogurt, black beans and pears. We've only encountered two no-go's: cauliflower and lentils. Absolutely nothing will make these two things go down the hatch. In fact, they are even scraped off the tongue by little fingers. It's quite comical...

I'm We're really pushing the sippy cup as of late too. I've been told the boys can start cow's milk come the big numero uno but I think we might wait a wee longer. Really, we're in no hurry. We have our system down pat and I have mixed feelings about the health benefits of continuing with breast milk through the second year. What I don't have mixed feelings about is the pump. I am ready to throw that thing off the highest mountain!

More exciting news: Jer and I leave Wednesday for four GLORIOUS days in San Diego. B and A are staying with Grandpa Tom and Nana. I think some fish tacos will be in order. For us, not them. Yee-haw.

Have a great week!


Imti said...

Hey Sarah

Where did you get the "currently reading" gadget from?

Sydni said...

Four days off! How'd you get that? Sounds fabulous--have a great time. ~Sydni

jedishoney said...

That is great! Eggs were always a fave. firs at our house too! Have fun on your trip!!!

PosterOfAGirl said...

I want to encourage you to continue breastfeeding past one!!! If you want some more information on it I would GLADLY talk to you about it. I'm a HUGE advocate of extended breastfeeding. In fact, I have some friends online that you should meet. One is a La Leche League Leader and she can help you out a ton! I also think its a great idea to hold off on the cow's milk! I really don't know why doctors tell mothers to stop nursing and give them cows milk, when did human babies lose the nutritional needs of humans and gain the nutritional needs of a cow? I would want to toss the pump too, in fact I quit pumping when Eve was like 9 months, I freaking hated that thing! You're doing a great job, I love that you're all about organic living now!! And those boys are like 10 handfulls. And I love them OH SO MUCH!!!!!!!