Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Grace Update

Loved Ones, Grace continues to amaze us all on a daily basis. She has grown to 3lbs 12ozs as of Tuesday, January 20th, which happens to be her and Makaila's two month birthday. She is taking a bottle twice a day now and Kelly is breast feeding her once a day. She has taken at most about half of her full feed which right now is one ounce. As of Monday night she has been on the nasal cannula which is essentially the least of all the breathing apparatuses. Soon she will be four pounds and at that point she will be big enough to regulate her own temperature and can move into a crib and out of her isolate. At this point, it's basically just a matter of time. Grace needs to be able to eat all her feeds on her own. Her breathing needs to be stable, but even if she still needs a bit of oxygen, she could still potentially go home. This is a likely scenario since we live at 8500 feet in elevation. Kelly, Sasha, and I have all had a lingering cold or something of the sort and by God's grace, she has not been sick or shown any signs thus far. There are so many babies here in the NICU, many with very serious issues. We feel so blessed at this point that she has had such a positive outcome and we pray that things will continue to go smoothly. If everything continues the way it has, we theoretically could be home in a month or so with many ifs, buts, and maybes, of course. So continue to pray for Grace and the rest of us that time will pass quickly, and most importantly that Grace will be healthy and strong. Thanks for all the love and support, we are truly blessed. Chris, Kelly, Sasha, and Grace.

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jedishoney said...

Thank you for the update. This family is on my heart and in my prayers. I was just thinking of them yesterday as a matter of fact. Texas is still praying for them!!!