Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So today I met my friends at Dion's for our usual Tuesday lunch. Everything went fine but when I tried to leave, a funny thing happened. I was carrying out Ben and my friend Carol was carrying Abe. We walked across the parking lot to my car, I pressed the unlock button on my keys, and then we both went to opposite sides to start loading them up. We were deep in conversation; however, I was a little distracted as we got to the car by the children's handprints that were ALL over the side of the window. I was trying to think of where in the world they could have come from but nevertheless still opened the door and tried to start loading Ben. Carol did the same from her side. It was only after about five unsuccessful attempts to make the carseat snap into the base until I realized...this WASN'T MY CAR!! Someone with the exact same car was parked two spaces down from me and had apparently left their doors open! They even had a carseat base and a booster seat in their vehicle! We immediately burst into hysterical laughter and booked it out of there.

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Rachel said...

Oh my word, that is hilarious! Glad no one tried to hurt you for getting into their car - I mean, this is Albuquerque, LOL! Did I mention I love your blog? Would it be okay with you if I linked off to your blog , on my blog? It's totally okay if not, but if it is okay, I'd love for all my friends to get to laugh/cry as much as your sweet blog produces!

with love,