Sunday, April 29, 2012

Worth Remembering

How anytime we tell the boys were going somewhere as a family, they ask if Grace can come too despite our tireless efforts to convince them that she is indeed another member of our family and goes wherever we go.
Judah's sweet voice saying, "Baby Braces!" or "I hode it!" whenever he wants to see or hold Gracie.
The way everyone scatters to look for Judah if he disappears or is too quiet because he's often trying to, "hode it" on his own. 
Abe softly singing Jesus Love Me or Do Everything Without Complaining whenever he finds her alone in her bouncer or doing tummy time on the floor {which is a rarity if Ju is up and about!}
How Grace looks at Ben whenever he holds her. Kindred hearts, those two.
Every diaper change, these three little boys, rumps in the air and faces to the ground, all clamoring for their sister's attention. 



TonyaMomma said...

These all made me smile :) So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Fond Memories......
Cuddling with "Sloan" boys while watching "Mike The Knight".
Abe asking "WHY" after everything.
Ben dancing to music on T.V.
"Ju-Ju houdini" escaping and praying he does'nt get caught.
Sweet,Sweet Grace. I can still smell the top of her head.

Anonymous said...

And as it should be. She is the youngest, the only girl (so far), and has three adorizing brothers who will forever be there for her, whether it's a diaper change or her first boyfriend.

Love to all of you,


Aunt Kim said...

Me too! Me too! I wanna "hode it!"
This post made my day Sarah!

Sally said...

so precious.