Monday, April 2, 2012

Jumping Back In

Ah, this blog.

It blesses me as much as it makes me a little cuckoo. 

The other night, in a brief moment of pregnant passion, I declared to Jer that I was taking it down. "I just can't keep up!" I lamented. "It haunts me when there are big breaks! That's all there seems to be lately-BIG breaks!" 

Then I went back and looked through the archives. I read through my thoughts on bedrest and early motherhood, and looked at my babies eating fudgesicles on the patio in their diapers. I watched slideshows of holidays and birthdays. I read comments from family and friends.

And then I cried about how happy to have such a keepsake and vowed to keep chugging. 

Hello, hormones!  

So in an attempt to just jump back in...
We are in full spring-swing around here. The Deuce have been thoroughly enjoying the great outdoors and as a result I have been fiendishly googling things like, "How to remove tree sap from hair?" {Can you say lighter fluid?} and "Diseases that mice carry?" {More about that little gem another day!} Truly though, our 75+ weather and lack of snow has done wondrous things for this brood of boys. And their bath water proves it. Most nights, the tub requires a full drain and then another rinse and drain. But they sleep goooood!

In true baby-due-anyday fashion, we've also started yet another project. A HUGE one, at that. 

Decorating the nursery? I think not.  Too practical!

Nope! In place of preparing a cozy, nurturing room for our wee one to occupy, we've decided to landscape half an acre!

I just keep telling myself it will help with the mud. And give the boys a place to play that's not 10 feet up in a Juniper tree or halfway up the mountain.

It's just eye-twitching proportion. Like, we have a Bobcat permanently parked in our yard, eye-twitching proportion.

And it makes the dirt fly. 

And the dirt goes everywhere.


Which has caused Jer to fiendishly google things like, "Mountain ground cover" and "Southwest wildflower mix"  because we're both over the top with being able to write our names on the coffee table at the end of the day. 

But we're soooooo excited to see it done! And to have some grass to let the babies play in come summer. 

And just in case things weren't lively enough, our Judah Boy has decided diapers are a thing of the past. Seriously, this boy is so desperate to do all things big-boy, he is self potty-training. 

That's right. I said it. 

SELF potty training. 

As in, "I need to go pee-pee" takes off his diaper, sits down, and goes. 

No stickers. 

No doll that wets.

No excited momma potty dance.

No big boy undies displayed as trophies as a reward for dry pants. 

Just him and the potty chair and the resolve to do it. 

36 1/2 weeks pregnant and I have no other choice than to underwear his chubster bottom and let him fly.  

I have no words. 


Anonymous said...

Great update. That pretty much sums it up and confirms, but leaves nothing out, with what you share on the phone with me. Can't wait to see you guys and give those chubsters hugs myself.


stephanie d said...

You have to keep your blog going. I love it. Just think nice evening bbq in the yard under the stars. as far as the dirt goes I keep telling myself it's good for my littles immune system..or something like that. Gotta love that Judah!

Aunt Kim said...

Your followers on this blog do not for a minute judge the gaps. The fact that you are an expecting mother with three little boys should justify the gaps.
I am in awe that you can blog at all. But more importantly, I am envious of your talent for communicating your family life in such an entertaining and creative way each time.
As I have said numerous times before, you could publish these entries!
Finally, for family members near and FAR (that would be ME!) your blogs are so very precious as it keeps us close to your family as you grow and experience all that is taken for granted as "just everyday life."
I love you.....

Sydni said...

Don't worry about the gaps! We love your blog--don't quit. We wait patiently until the next post. Self potty training?? All I can say about that is "God's grace is sufficient." And, well, you're one lucky gal! :)

Amanda said...

I"m glad for you staying with the blog. I'd miss it so much if it went away. And today you've given me push to keep on blogging my days and thoughts especially into the busy months ahead. Because as I scroll through your stuff on a weekly basis remembering things that bring tears my eyes I have joy knowing I"ll get to do that someday too. So you are inspiration to me sweet sister, as you are in many other ways also. I love you and your brood of boys :) Can't wait to love on that new baby.

Susan said...

I sincerely wish I could help you landscape! And I can totally relate. What were we doing the day Sarah came home from the hospital?? Oh you know, laying sod! :)
I hope it turns out lovely, that this little one comes soon, and that the waiting isn't driving you nuts!!u

Anonymous said...

No matter how often it is posted,
it brings the miles so much closer for me. Even to the point of feeling like I am actually there.
Please keep up the beautiful work of documenting the milestones in these precious lives!