Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Fun


Anonymous said...

Jeremy,Sarah,Abe,Ben and Juddah.....

From our family to yours; have a very "Merry Christmas" and may the new year bring nothing but blessings !!!

All Our Love Always
Chelsea,Camden,Patrick and Kyley

Aunt Kim said...

I bet the boys are just loving the snow! Oh the snow forts they will build. If you need a snow coach, just holler. I will be there in a jiffy to help build tunnels! Merry Christmas Sloans; we love you.

Aunt Teresa said...

Will be a White Christmas here also ~ Over a foot and still coming down. Merry Christmas to the Sloan Family from the Brooks Family and May the Peace of Christ be with You ~Love and Blessings ~

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures! Love the tree, the snow and the gingerbread houses.

Can't wait to see and hug you all. Next week, baby!!