Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chama Fun

Throwing rocks into the lake
Staying up wayyyy too late
  Marshmallows for a bedtime snack
Exploring trails while on horseback
Dinner on our favorite deck
Time for another mountain trek
Sneakin' up on some drinkin' Elk
Sure! Have another cup of chocolate milk!
Falling asleep in Nana's arms
And Grandpa bought you Lucky Charms! 
Trips to town for Lowes and the train
Ben driving the burb' up Buckman lane
We love our Chama time, yes we do!
Even if the boys treat all six acres as their personal loo!
And even though apples, the barn and rides are a ball
We love our Grandpa and Nana time most of all.

Missing Chama {and YOU GUYS!} already!

1 comment:

Sydni said...

I love the pictures of the boys riding the horses--priceless!