Sunday, October 24, 2010

{Pumpkin Time}

This year, we traded in our annual trip to Wagner Farm's for a day at a little pumpkin patch east of Albuquerque.  
As an unexpected perk to our day, our family jaunt coordinated perfectly with the fall weather that finally arrived, as well. So all bundled up, we made the drive to McCall's Pumpkin Patch for a day of pumpkin picking, hay rides, and all things Autumn!
The Deuce had an especially good time this year! If only you could have seen their faces when they got off of the hayride and gazed upon the field filled with pumpkins. They were in total awe of all of the perfectly misshapen possibilities that were there for their picking! 
Right as we stepped off the truck, in a absolute moment of genius, their daddy told them they had to be able to pick up the pumpkin that they wanted. Best.Decision.Ever. And entirely adorable to watch.
Ben settled on a pumpkin pretty quickly but our more particular child, Mister A.B., well, he had a bit hoarder harder time choosing. This boy is somewhat of a collector of like items. Poor little guy was on complete overload! He wanted them all!
Alas, we finally convinced both boys to make a decision and made our way out; two pumpkins and two pumpkin-heads in  our wheelbarrow.
 And because I'm better at posting pictures than writing about them these days, here are some more photos from our fun, fun day at the pumpkin patch...  
 Happy fall, y'all!


Sally said...

soo cute!

Tania said...

Soooo cute!!!! Your boys are just precious!!! Glad you had a fun day!!!!

Aunt Kim said...

Family traditions continue.
P.S.- Jeremy, way to go dad genius!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day had for all! I love this time of year and it looks like your boys agree. Glad the pumpkins fit in the wheel barrow. I was picturing something a little smaller?

Love you guys