Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Say What?!

These days, with as much chatter that goes on around here I should have blog material for weeks! So much of what The Deuce say is cute...and funny...and just plain TWO! They are constantly amazing us with some word, phrase, or conversation and yet so much of it goes forgotten. I wish I was better about writing things down as soon as they happen! But then again, people around here kinda like to eat and wear clean clothes so something has gotta give! Despite my 9:49 pm Jello brain, I did manage to come up with a few of my favorites though. In no particular order, some of our Duo's toddlerism's... 

Benjamin is very adamant these days about how he would like to see things go. He tries very hard to convince us to do what he wants too. For instance, when he really wants something he uses the phrase, "k" {okay} at the the end. 
  • Example: "Momma! Monster's, Inc., K?!"

And then when it happens to go his way, his word of choice is, "Awesome!" 

Another biggie in this stage of developing independence is "MOMMAIDOIT!" It's almost always accompanied with the signing motion for "please" and a very cheesy but sweet smile. "MOMMAIDOIT'S" are usually reserved for the messiest, hold your breath while the kiddo does it, tasks and are the most prone to be followed by a fit. {His not mine.} "MOMMAIDOIT'S" are a lesson in patience {mine not his} and they cause the occasional hiccup {who needs to be on time to the doctor anyway?!}. But man is it sweet to see him FINALLY accomplish something on his own! Like crack an egg!

For the most part, Ben speaks pretty clearly and without issue. He does have a few words that are his own creation, though. 
  • Pie-pier=paper  
  • Hock-ets=Hotdogs

Now for the DOOZY: WUZATFOR {i.e. What's that for?} I probably hear this 200 times a day, no joke. Everything is, "WUZATFOR? WUZATFOR? WUZATFOR?" Ignoring it does not silence the questioner, either. Only cold hard facts will satisfy this boy. Or an M&M :)

While our Mister A.B. is a lot less vocal, he does have more words that he's put his own little spin on...

  • "Bunny"=Benny
  • "Chocky milk"=chocolate milk {WHY did I ever introduce it?! It's all this boy wants!}
  • "Seat down"=sit down {Said as if he were channeling Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • E-I-E-YO=E-I-E-I-O
    • Example: "Old McDonald had a farm E-I-E-YO!" 
  • Hamas-burgers=hamburgers {My personal fav!}
  • Dinnas Time=Dinner time 
  • Sick=Six
    • Example: "Four, five, sick..."
  • Wahmies=Watermelon
  • Rain-ies=Raisins
  • Egga -plant=Eggplant 
As cute as the above words might be, Abe has also unfortunately picked up on a saying that I use in our house when I'm disciplining, "Give me that, please." It's often used when the boys are fighting over a toy or they get into something they shouldn't be. However, his two year old brain thinks it's how you ask for something you want. And he frequently forgets the please. Needles to say, he's daily being corrected for saying things like, "Give me that chocky milk, momma." 

Our second born is also learning the art of using context to his advantage. Here's a conversation between Abe and I at dinnas time the other night...

Me: "Abe, please eat two more bites of your dinner and then you can have fruit."
Abe: "Too big momma, I choke!"

Too bad it was soup otherwise he could have had a legitimate argument :)


Sydni said...

I was wondering when we might get a glimpse into their vocabulary. Very cute indeed.

Lorena said...

Just hilarious...can totally relate!

Carol said...

..And don't tell Abe his cars go vroom vroom, cause he'll tell you "no, vroom! vroom!" True story!!

Aunt Kim said...

....all day entertainment as they develop their own oral language skills.