Monday, September 13, 2010

A Bit of Fall Randoms

Although I feel like it was just yesterday that I was pushing a sweet potato around on my plate and longing for the days of BBQ's and baseball games and bowls filled to the brim with fruit; the time has definitely come where I've had my fill of summer and my mind is eager with anticipation for what the fall brings. Crisp air, leather boots, The Fair, corn mazes, pumpkins, hearty meals, fires, and fall baking. I love this time of year, don't you?
And even though it's a tad bit early to be heating up the kitchen with the oven, I decided that I just couldn't wait to try out a fabulous looking Food and Wine recipe that I've been eying for a couple of weeks. Best-Ever Caramel Cake, anyone?
 Now, I don't consider myself a novice baker and it's not often that something I make, fails. But this failed. It failed HORRIBLY. I think it went south somewhere around 235 degrees, which is where the temperature was supposed to rise to in order for the bubbling sugar and cream to become caramel. Now I'm no candy expert but I don't think the caramel got to where it needed to be otherwise it would not have soaked into the cake like this. Or pooled at the bottom for that matter. And you wanna know what the worst part was? It wasn't even edible. It was wet and soggy and pretty much tasted like defeat. Jer didn't mind a little defeat though...
As for me, I clipped the recipe and tucked it away for safe keeping  in hope of conquering this "quintessential Southern dessert "another time. I'll keep you posted!

In other riveting news, I bought myself a $4 bouquet of sunflowers at Trader Joe's this week. They make me happy every time I walk into the kitchen and see them. {What is it about having fresh flowers in your house?}The Deuce think they're pretty neat too. In fact, they make sure to point them out to all who come to our kitchen door. I think they're just excited that for ONCE mom let something that belongs outside come inside.
As a sweet gesture towards her daughter-in-law who's day had been a little hectic, my mother-in-law gave me $20 this week and told me to spend it on myself. Maybe I should have gotten a pedicure or something equally pampering but instead I spent it making my home a little lovely. My practical side said make the initial door hanging you've been wanting...and buy a  yummy smelling candle...and those pumpkin colored mums you ahhh'd over...

So I did! And they have been as equally a blessing as any pedicure;  so thank you Mimi!
And last, because I know I can't leave you without a potty training update...we have two completely {#1 AND #2} potty trained boys. Things have been working...quite...regularly{!} around here, to which I say "Thank You!" and "AMEN!" The Deuce have also been successfully napping in undies-WHOO-HOO! And even better news is that I am now down to washing/drying/folding diapers one time a week. 

Which, in Layman's Terms, means more time to try and conquer  the Best-Ever Caramel Cake. Just kidding.*

*Not really. 


Tania said...

Yay for momma and the boys on tackling this big milestone!! I am happy you got something just for you! I think you spent it just right!! Thanks for the update! Love you guys!

Sydni said...

WooHoo! Doesn't it feel good to have 2 out of diapers?! You've joined the ranks of moms everywhere who've gone through potty training and lived to tell about it.

As for the cake--chalk it up to high altitude. :)

Aunt Kim said...

Yeah for Ben and Abe

Yeah for Sar and Jer~ no more messy twin diapers!

Yeah for Judah~ keep messin' those diapers!