Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today our tile went in{!} and I could not be happier with the way it looks! Although to be completely honest, I must confess that I have been checking on it every two seconds so often just because I kind of forget what it looks like and then I panic that NOTHING WILL MATCH! Is this normal behavior?! It's terrible! All Jer keeps saying too is, "Nothing you can do about it now!" Buyers Remorse, at it's finest, I'll tell ya!
 And even though you can't really see it very well, we painted the ceiling and walls {with the exception of where the cabinets and backsplash will go} and most of our lighting is wired. It all looks so foreign! Four new recessed lights have completely changed the look and the lack of "stuff" in there contributes quite a bit too, I'm sure. But all that aside, the only thing my mind can dream about is how much easier it's gonna be to roll out some Christmas sugar cookies or decorate Judah's 1st Birthday cake under one of those beautiful new flood lights : )
As for our time line, we still have a good couple weeks left. Tomorrow our grout goes in, next Tuesday is the cabinets and then we can hopefully schedule our counter tops for the following weekend. And while we are mostly through the mess of the demo and cutting and sanding drywall {thankyouverymuch!}, we are now to a point where things are cleaner but still unusable {memories!}. Thankfully, now that the dust has settled, the end is more clearly in sight. And I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl just thinking about it!


Susan said...

It looks lovely!
As I was sitting here looking at what you've chosen I was laughing because I think our stuff is pretty identical :) If you shopped at Lowe's we may have matching kitchens :) Well, except the recessed light I chose are bronze :)
Needles to say, I think it looks great!!

Caitlin said...

Oh, wow! Those colors will be BEAUTIFUL!! I love that tile and those beautiful counter-tops! And those cabinets will compliment VERY nicely!

Aunt Teresa said...

OHHHHHH ~~~ I love it ~ love it ~ love it ~~

Crystal said...

Love that tile! You're insticts are great, it's gonna match beautifully!