Wednesday, August 12, 2009

According to Jer, Part. V

[Jer: Upon opening Abe's messy diaper and finding an EXTREMELY]

"Ah! What did we eat today, Mister?! Coffee? Tar? Shredded Death?"

Good gracious. I love this man and his bust-a-gut commentary.

And just because I know inquiring minds will want to know, the answer was blueberries. And it will be a LOOOOOOONG time before I give those to The Deuce again.


Susan said...

Shredded death? Lovely. Where does he come up with this stuff?!

Sydni said...

I love your "According to Jer" posts! Someday, I have a funny story for you about toddlers and blueberries.

Tania said...

thats really funny!! I am proud of him for doing the dirty diaper thing!!! Go Jer!!

Aunt Kim said...

And what did mom say when she had to try and CLEAN those shredded death diapers?