Monday, February 9, 2009

When the Chips Are Down

The boys and I all have a touch of something. Mostly, it's just consisted of snotty noses (them) and a sore throat (me). Not too bad, but it's enough to keep us home and away from all of our weekly play dates that we look forward to. So in anticipation of the slew of housebound days that lay ahead of us, I realized that some out of the box thinking might be in order. Translation: what can they play with that doesn't resemble their everyday toys and that might hold their attention for longer than a nanosecond?

Jer likes to think that it's just early grooming for Christmas in Colorado

I think we need to work on A.B.'s poker face

Ben's smiling cause he can see Abe's hand

That's some serious concentration going on

Have a Texas-Hold-Em Tuesday,


Susan said...

Looks like fun!!
Hope you all feel better soon!

jedishoney said...

Silly me... when my nephew asks for chips, I reach for the Ruffles... maybe he was thinking of poker!! sigh... :) I have to say.. I am sorry that you are all not feeling great... but little Benji looks super cute with a red nose!! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

The fun came to an end when AB gagged and then threw up though huh?

Sorry. You'll have to find another household fun toy. Grooming for X-mas was a great idea though Jer. It will come in handy some day.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

The smile on Ben's face in the second to last pic SERIOUSLY kills me. What a charmer. Love 'em and miss you all!