Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Grace Update

It has been an interesting 10 or so days. On the 19th, because Grace has been doing so well, we were able to take her with her oxygen bottle to the NICU window to meet Sasha! It was so wonderful. Sasha lit up immediately and knew exactly who she was, yelling, "Grace Grace Grace!" She wanted so badly to come inside but she still can't due to RSV season regulations. It started with Grace not wanting to eat on her own anymore. The doctors decided she has some reflux, which is fairly common and have figured out the type of medicine to counter it. She also was getting uncomfortable frequently, moaning and groaning, so the doctors started her on simethicone, a gas relief that has seemed to do the trick. Then, she began having issues with her stools. So now she is on none other than prune juice twice a day. This seems to be doing the trick and she really, really enjoys it. On Monday a week ago, we decided it was time to try and remove Grace's feeding tube and focus primarily on Breast feeding her. On Tuesday night, Kelly spent the night at the hospital and fully cared for Grace, breast feeding her all through the night. Then we began to face our current dilemma. Grace began to lose weight due to the fact she wasn't getting the extra calories from the fortified breast milk from the bottle and she just wasn't eating enough. Grace has lost a little weight or stayed the same for the last four days or so. Then, on Friday a person from the insurance company came to check on Grace and said she met all of their criteria to leave and she needed to do so as soon as Saturday. After talking to the doctors they convinced her that she needed to remain there at least until Monday to see if she could gain some weight eating on her own. So here we are, Sunday afternoon, very excited at the idea of going home, a little freaked out as well, and Grace lost weight again last night. As of last night, we have decided to give Grace nothing but the fortified breast milk in a last effort to give her every calorie she can suck down. If she looses weight again tonight, we're not really sure what will happen. More of the same I suppose. If she does gain, we may still be able to take her home as soon as tomorrow! Grace needs all the prayers she can get right now. She needs to be hungry and strong enough to suck down those entire bottles. Please pray for her today. God's timing is perfect, and we pray his timing is very soon! Love you all, we will let you know what happens. Chris, Kelly, Sasha, and Grace

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Aunt Kim said...

What a precious miracle she is. And a fighter to boot! There is a plan for that little one.