Monday, June 2, 2008

Yeah For Sleep!

Shhhhhh! Can you hear it?!?! It's the sound of a good nights sleep! The boys, both of them, slept through the night! 10:30-5:20. (Cue marching band playing victory song) In the words of my very sweet and very old Spanish teacher, Mrs. Justiz, from high school, "I cannot bolive!" Jeremy woke me up at 5: 20 asking if the boys woke up at all through the night because Ben was still in the same position as when he was put down and there were no bottles in the sink. I, who was still mid-REM, shot of bed in a panic. My immediate thoughts were “Are they okay? And did I have the monitor off and they just cried all night?” Nope, they really just slept through the night! This is the second time in two weeks that they both have done this. However, last time Abe needed a diaper change so I guess it 'technically' wasn't through the night. Nevertheless, we're making progress! The boys are almost seven weeks old (adjusted age) and the book that we have been following indicates most babies are sleeping through the night by eight to twelve weeks. Hopefully, the boys are closer to eight than twelve! Go boys!

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