Monday, August 31, 2015

{Although It's Almost September!} A June Daybook

Outside my window: Two words. Sunrise. Sunset. The first weekend in November will mark four years since our family moved up to our sweet little spot in the mountains. Sometimes I still can't believe we live here! Living in the city, we appreciated the spectacular sunsets, however, there is nothing like getting to experience them up here. 

Giving thanks: For the birth of my precious little nephew, Noah David. I know I've said it before but there really are hardly words for watching my sister become a momma. Welcoming him into the world was one of the best days in my nearly thirty-three years. It was a special day to be sure and I'm so very thankful to God that I got to be a part of it. 
In the schoolroom: NOTHING. The best laid plans, right? But that doesn't stop the kids from hunkering down with a history book anyway. Best ever. 
From the kitchen: Cereal while watching cartoons! That counts, right? 
I am creating: Another set of Jesse Tree ornaments for a mutual friend of my sis-in-law's. That and a giant list of books to order for this coming school year. I also have a mental kid chore list up and running but I am lacking follow-through. 

I don't ever want to forget: This summer's trip to Durango. We had so much fun, this is the only picture we have of our entire five days there. We swam, BBQ'd, explored and took all four kids rafting. It was a blast. And it was the trip where all three boys transitioned to swimming the length of the pool with no floaties. A camping trip for the books for sure! 
I am working on: Not throwing up. Come on second trimester. 

I am reading: Nobody's Cuter Than You by Melanie Shankle. It's shameful how slowly I am moving through this book by one of my favorite author's 

Around the house: It's a bug collector's paradise. We have had so much rain in June, there are critters everywhere! We also have crickets! Once the sun sets, it sounds like we live in The South. Love! 
One of my favorite things: Oreo's. Have you tried the new lemon ones? To-die. 

A few plans this next week: Swimming, swimming, and more swimming. Summer is grand. 

The news in Gracie Land: She is in love with nail polish, dressing herself {send help!!} and is dead set on convincing us to let her pierce her ears. She already has a yes from one of us. But I bet it's not from the parent that you would think. 

Total randomness:


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love!

Come on mama, let her pierce them!!!!!!

Love Grammy

Aunt Kim said...

I am going to get busy putting together a travel itinerary for you to see South Dakota! I promise to make it educational and enjoyable at the same time!
Maybe in a year or so?