Monday, June 8, 2015

Just Judah {Soccer Edition}

All three boys played soccer this Spring but Judah is my favorite five year old. And besides, his baby shinguards were constantly sticking out the tops of his socks (because he's Judah) and we lost his brand new cleats even before his first practice (because, well, FOUR KIDS). So by far, he wins MVP and earned a highlights post all his own. 

Really though, he was just so deliciously cute. And surprisingly good! I would even daresay he is more coordinated than his big brothers! He played hard and well and {mostly} with his team and man did he score some goals! But more importantly, he learned to look his coach in the eye, shake hands, and thank him after each game-no small feat for this third son of ours. 

Some of my favorite moments of the season...
-After scoring one of his first goals, he ran immediately to the sidelines to high-five Ben and Abe. 
-His hands down his pants when he didn't know what else to do. 
-Watching him chug Gatorade. 
-Him asking to go play on the playground when it was his quarter to sit on the bench. 
-The team's name, The Thunder Bunnies. 
-At the last game, his coach offered him a certificate, which he politely declined. 

What a joy it is watching this boy grow into the person the Lord created him to be. You are such a treasure to your daddy and me, Judah Boy. 

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Anonymous said...

That pretty much sums up the game I watched! Too cute for words....