Monday, March 2, 2015

If You Give a Boy a Guitar...

He's gonna play it.
And if he plays it, chances are his little sister will probably want to dance to the song.
And if she dances to it, it'll mean the attention is most certainly NOT on him.
Which means he'll give his mom this exact face...
And then he'll add in a side of pout to really make his point.
And then his mom will likely ask his sister to let him finish his song.
But his groove will be gone so he'll have to think for a minute or two.
After a short brainstorming session, his inspiration might start to flow a little...
But then his fingers will really start to fly.
He'll rightfully take his stage again.
Solo, as it should be for every boy-rockstar.
And then he'll gladly drink in the attention of a snapping shutter and his momma's undivided watchful eye.
He'll really start to jam.
And probably throw in some of his best moves.
You know. Hypothetically, of course. 


Anonymous said...

This is the best! Smiling from ear to ear......

Love to y'all........


Aunt Kim said...

He is such a handsome little rock star.

The little dancer ain't too shabby either!