Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Recently, these brothers have been enjoying afternoons off the front of the house. There is no grass and hardly any shade but the crushed rock makes for a fine gravel yard for their trucks. Often they don't say a word, each keeping to himself with the exception of a small "beep" or air break "hiss" here and there. I don't sit out there much with them. Usually, I am eager to use the quiet minute to accomplish a task or clean something or another but today was different. Careful not to disturb them, I snapped a few pictures in hopes of remembering when the sun shone hot and Camo watch bands and shorts were all the rage. Because it really is just a million little moments just like this that make up our one single life, isn't it? What's beeping and hissing in your neck of the woods today?


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You just can't pull one over on Ben!