Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pumpkin Time

In keeping with fall tradition, our six pack hit the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago. It was a certain little someone's first time...
And while the pumpkin patch has been something we've done every year since The Deuce were born, for some reason we didn't go last year. I'm thinking because we were on the cusp of our RV trip and my eye wouldn't stop twitching. I guess it doesn't matter, though, because this year we reclaimed our zeal for the $11 a person ticket price and had a grand ol' time eating our way through the maze of people and things to do.
The big boys were a blast to watch this year. Just old enough to do everything and yet young enough to do it with a huge, nerdy smile on their face the entire time they were doing it. Here they are getting worked at the duck races. I don't know if they even knew what was going on. Ben was laughing hystericaly the entire time he was pumping. I think Abe's duck flipped on his side and staled out. As for Judah, well, he lost interest when he saw someone walk by with taffy. 
Cutest part of the day? Judah hitting this thing to the baby boo level. Court and I instantly died a thousand deaths. Please notice the tip toes. Swoon. 
When it comes to pictures, families of six take what they can get. This was the Best in Show, folks. Everyone's relatively clean and no one is crying, so I'm going with it.
Finally, we ended the day with some time picking pumpkins. Grace caught on right away with the find and pick up part...
 ...but the, "don't eat it" part was obviously lost in translation. 
Barrel full of pumpkins and bellies full of kettle corn, we finished out another fun year at the pumpkin patch!


Anonymous said...

Love it!! Wish I had been there.


Sydni said...

After talking with you last night, I had to figure out which picture I thought was so cute. It's the "down on the farm, McCall's pumpkin patch" one with all their cute little faces peeking out of the holes. Love it!

Aunt Kim said...

Sydni- I can't possibly choose. They are all just amazing.