Monday, July 1, 2013

One Pod But Two WAY Different Peas

Between the momma-joy of watching Ben swim, Judah trying to "catch" Ben and help him to the steps, and Abe's hilarious but absolutely sincere attempt, I am just smitten to the core with the personalities of each of my boys. Lately there has been much blessing in seeing glimpses of how the Lord has gifted each of them and how He is growing them up into the men that they are called to be. While there is still much little to each of my men, there is also a forthcoming maturity that has been making itself present in small degrees. Sitting through big church without an admonishment to sit still. Putting away their bikes without having to be asked. Setting the table with FOLDED napkins :) All precious gems that have been diligently sought for and are now being mined by our family to enjoy. While this season of many young children is full to the brim with work and repetitious training, how thankful I am that our gracious Lord gives us sweet spots just like this, that we might be encouraged as we labor with Him and in His strength in the raising of these treasures.

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Aunt KIm said...

Oh what beautiful young men they will be indeed!