Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Gracie Girl, Three Months Old

It's hard to believe that our girl is three months old...and that the crying has stopped. Truly, the last few weeks have brought a happy baby who enjoys being awake and doesn't need to be held It's wonderful! Her days are more predictable, her needs are easily met, and most importantly, my right eye has stopped twitching. 
While the crying has stopped, our girl has gone back to waking in the night. Usually between 3 and 4, she cries and while her daddy usually suggests a resounding, "CRY IT OUT!" this momma doesn't have the heart juuuuuust yet. Moving her to her own room was enough for this month. Soon, baby girl. But not yet. 
Our sweets is still rolling from tummy to back. She can bear her weight when you stand her up and she sucks on her fists with the most hilarious of slurping sounds. She's officially earned her nursery badge, as she thinks Pastor Tim's sermon is a delightful time to shoot off some hilarious grins and coo's towards whoever is holding her. She still spits up with the best of them, takes her reflux medicine twice a day, and drools like nobody's business.
And last but not least, can I just get an amen on the rolls? Seriously, I have never EVER had a squishy baby. She is all that, and then some and I could just about eat her up.
She's our Gracie Girl and she's three months old.


Anonymous said...

I repeat myself;
"I HODE IT" o.k. Sarah?
We are still waiting for baby Borquez and the days go
something like this.

Auntie Deb

Anonymous said...

LOOK AT THE ROLLS! She also has kankles. I am lovin on this little girl!!! Now seeing a bit of Judah in her. Still waiting to see how bright blue those eyes will be. Gonna have to see her soon. Going through withdrawals.

Love you,


Susan said...

Sweet, sweet girl!

Aunt Teresa said...

AMEN on this sweet sweet little Dolly ~ Love you Aunt Teresa