Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Gracie Girl, One Month Old

I guess it also could be said that our fussy girl lives in the Moby. Unless her daddy's home. Then she likes to lay in the space between his leg and the chair. And sometimes she'll give us both a break and hang out in the swing. That is, until a certain little brother tries to climb in with her. Then it's back to the Moby or the chair. 
  The one place she is really happy though, is in the bath. The house is quiet. The sink is full. And she is content. It's bliss. At least until we pull her out :)

Our girl is also taking one pumped bottle before bed, fights the swaddle, loves Soothie paci's, and is wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothing. Some of her pet names include "Gracie Belle" "Peaches" and "Little girl," and she always, always, ALWAYS finds a way to spit up on her momma, NOT her daddy. Jer says she sounds like a peacock when she cries-it's true-she does. And the boys constantly ask me why she's always crying-it's true-she is. She's also yet to greet a day without a bow. Bottom line, we love, love, love her and are so grateful for our sweet girl. 
She is the apple of three little men and her daddy's  eye and a daily reminder to her momma of the Father's gifts.

She's our Gracie Girl and she's one month old.


TonyaMomma said...

LOVE her name, so sweet :) So happy you guys finally got your baby girl!

Anonymous said...

She's a perfect little Gracie Belle and you know that she's very proud of her Mom, Dad and brothers too.

Anonymous said...

You watch, this one is gonna be quite the swimmer with as much as she loves the bath!!! :)


Aunt Kim said...

That tummy!