Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Special Post: Ethiopia Edition-UPDATE!

How to even say thank you? Where does one begin? Words can hardly express my gratitude for your selfless giving, your encouraging words, your stories of similar roads being walked, your prayers whispered out on behalf of the sweet expecting parents. Thanks to you {TO YOU!} Chris and Amanda were able to file their adoption application and pay for the $350 fee along with putting aside another $240 towards their $1650 home-study fee. How our hearts are rejoicing that they are just a few steps closer to finding their precious one! And to think that 90% of the donations were from people they have never met. Amazing! All praise be to God!

While I imagine I'll be updating here and there regarding their adoption pursuit, should you desire more regular updates, make sure you check out their website or like them on Facebook  Along with their story and resources for those interested in adoption, they have also done an excellent job listing out all of their expenses, ways you can support them, and any other info that they feel like passing along! And should you find yourself cruising around their site one day, encourage the parents to be and leave them a comment! I'm sure they'd love to "meet" all of these people who have been so graciously loving on them through blog-land.

Blessings to each and every one of you!

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