Monday, November 28, 2011

Tree Things

In Bear Country, 
Christmas excitement was mounting.
The waiting was down 
To ten hours and counting. 
 The holly was hung. 
The presents were bought.
A magnificant Christmas 
Salmon was caught.
 And now it was time 
For the most fun of all-
Getting the tree!
 A tree full and fat,
Straight, green, and tall, 
With oodles of needles
And crannies and nooks
For the bears to hang
Their tree things by hooks.
 "The tree things!" cried Pop
With the jolliest shout.
"Our wonderful tree things!
Let's get them out!" 
-The Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree-
Stan and Jan Berenstain


Sydni said...

Beautiful tree. Beautiful faces.

Anonymous said...

"Merry Christmas" to all and to all a "Goodnight".............. I get that "fuzzy all over" feeling just reading your words Rah Rah.

All My Love Always
Auntie Deb

Aunt Teresa said...

BEAUTIFUL ~ You and Jeremy are so right on ~ Christ is our Treasure