Monday, September 19, 2011

A Quick Update

Just as we were hoping that September would be a less busy month for us, we have found ourselves crazier than ever! And coupled with the fact that morning {all day, really} sickness has arrived and it makes for some interesting days and nights around here. So needless to say, blog updating has been pretty low on the to-do list. All things considered, we're doing alright though. By the grace of God, I have been able to function during the day, with most of my laid-out-sick moments coming in the evening when Jeremy is home. He has been so gracious in helping me and even taking over with dinner and the kids most nights only to find me passed out by 8:30 when we finally get some time alone. While I still don't go to the doctor until Wednesday, my calculations have me at about 8 1/2 weeks and so I'm hoping that a few more weeks and this will be behind us.

The big boys are just growing like weeds and asking about 1.4 million questions a day. Mostly they want to know if the baby is coming out today. But things like what do different animals eat, comes in a pretty close second. While I did buy preschool curriculum for them this year, we have yet to start. Our weather has still just been much too nice to keep them cooped up inside. Plus I'm no longer ignorant to how long some of those winter and sick at home days can be :) I'm sure we'll have plenty of opportunity for our short lessons in just a few months! 

September also marked for our boys graduation from the nursery to the Adventurer's program on Wednesday nights {taught by their great grandma Joyce}! They absolutely LOVE it and she's pretty smitten with having them in class, as well. They also moved up on Sunday morning to their first Sunday School class with another favorite, Mrs. McBroom. She raised three boys, herself, and tells me all the time how they remind her of when her boys were young. The tears in her eyes when she talks about it, often remind me to slow down and cherish these crazy days.

As for our Judah man, well he's a nut! He's the hardest he's been in his 21 short months and that's all I will say about that! He is still the cuddliest of them all and has a special affinity for his momma. I truly am wondering how things are gonna go with him and his new sibling. He has a really hard time sharing my lap and attention. He does love babies though and is rather smitten with his baby cousin, Lucca, so that gives me hope : ) He's also FINALLY done with the bottle, about two months now. It's glorious and our milk consumption has gone down by about two gallons a week. He's still not speaking much, which is different because the boys had so many words by now but I think it's just because he doesn't need to talk. He gets everything he wants, as it is. Stinker. 

So that's a brief rundown of what we've got going on lately. No pictures, no witty stories, no fun crafts. It's just a glimpse of our life, as it's happening.  
As a side note, here's a song I have been listening to on repeat these days. Hope it encourages you, as it has me. 

Happy Monday, friends. 


Sydni said...

Theresa McBroom and Grandma Joyce! It doesn't get much better than those two wonderful ladies when you're little.

Anonymous said...

To Quote a precious 2 year old Sarah.............
"I Wuvv Woo" (Cam)
Need I say anything more.

Your "Mooning" Aunt In Boulder