Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just Judah

Twenty months and the naughtiest of them all. 
Lover of milk. Preferably in a bottle. 
THE reason for the lock on the snack cabinet. 
 Always covered in whatever he's eating. 
Saying "Hi!" is kinda his thing.
Proficient climber of anything and everything in the house-crib included. 
Grunter and yeller {and does it with gusto, I might add}. 
Sits down when he knows a spankin' is coming his way. 
Professional waver. 
T.V. turner-off-er.
Cup stacker. 
Flower picker. 
Total water dog-the toilet's his fav! 
Biggest blue's. 
Dancin' fool. 
Weighs just two pounds less than his oldest brother. 
Longest sleeper in the house. 
Giver of the tightest hugs and the wettest kisses. 
 Stealer of our hearts. 
Just Judah.


Amanda Torres said...

I absolutely love this little boy so much. Thanks for this post Sarah, it warmed my heart tonight. I'm glad you write it all down so we can remember it forever. Sweet sweet chunky monkey :)

Anonymous said...


Auntie Ubba-Dooba Loves You !

Aunt Kim said...

Can you beleive I haven't even met this little boy, squeezed this little one, or placed sloppy kisses on this little one yet? So very sad.

jennmoya said...

What a precious post for a sweet sweet boy! You brought tears to my eyes! Awesome pic of him!