Monday, March 14, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

21-40 of my 1000 gifts...
The older teaching the younger {Titus 2}
Sunday lunch at Dion's
Emailing a friend 
The anticipation of an upcoming vacation
Take out on a tired night
Vacuum lines
Handmade mugs filled with hot tea
Sand inside even the littlest's shoes
Friendships, new and old, that are woven deep
Spring coming through an open window
A Suburban filled with carseats and the reflection of my niece in the rear view mirror
Louie and Ella while reading a book on couch
The hum of a washer and dryer within the walls of my home
Time away with my sis
Towels folded straight 
New books
A glass of wine after children are tucked in tight 
A hug and I miss you
Tiny green sprouts pushing up through dirt


Anonymous said...

Looks like quite a few gifts! Glad you got away with Courtney for the weekend!


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Hot tea!!!! Would loved to share a cup of tea with you! The picture was sooooo inviting! Loved your list today. So many blessings. . .!!!!!

Craig said...

I’m here from Ann’s – it’s Friday – well after Multitude Monday – but I wanted to read as many as I could. I heart these lists :)

And when I read through the lists I like to think about it a little and pick a favorite – my favorite from yours was - Towels folded straight (because my mom, who’s in heaven now, always tri-folded towels – we all rebelled – but now I fold them just like her every time – and it makes me happy every time)

I liked reading this today. {smiling}