Monday, February 15, 2010


Tonight, I was doing dishes when I suddenly realized that you can tell a lot about a family by what's in their dishwasher.
Sippy cups and coffee cups.
Yup. I'd say that's pretty much sums us up.

Here's something you don't see everyday! Jeremy's grandfather's thirty year old guitar. Filled with rocks. And a Q-tip. Special, don't cha' think?
And because I can't leave you without yet another breathtaking pic of #3...
I should probably enter him in the Gerber Beautiful Baby Contest. I think he'd have it in the bag.


Aunt Kim said...

"See Below," because the exact same baby is absolutely adorable in the previous post.
PS- Way to push those liquids Sarah. The dishwasher can't possibly hold any more sippy cups!

Susan said...

Amen! AND how about the drawers? At least our kitchen drawers have all the normal things.. plus balls, toys.. whatever Moses thinks needs to be in there :)

Tania said...

That is AMAZING!!!! Made my day!!! Have you found any gifts in any random shoes? :D I think it is funny you keep getting those great shot of Judah! Sooo fun! love ya girl!

danisorenson said...

HaHaHa! This is awesome! Our dishwasher is full of bowls, every 2 days- every bowl we own because Ava thinks everything needs to be served and carried around the house in one. Crazy Kids! Judah is adorable- Love the fun pics!

Anonymous said...

Grandma has to ask the question again. How did he get the scratch on his cheek? He is beautiful at any angle. Now post some great baby pics that I know he is capable of!!!

Love you guys