Tuesday, December 22, 2009

B, A & J

To date, the only picture of all three boys. Man, is it hard getting the big boys to sit still {or not poke Judah in the eye while I try to snap the picture}!
Mister A.B. is just smitten with his "bay-pee Jew-daah."
The jury is still out on Ben :)
The little guy is starting to finally starting to spend some time awake!
Candycanes! Love at first bite!


Lorena said...

Judah is getting so big! Love it :)

Aunt Kim said...

OK, so I am so over this thing about not having a girl.
Love you all and Merry Candy Cane Christmas.

Tania said...

awww!!!! I want to see a pic of you and your 3 boys!!!

Sarah said...

Tania-as soon as I shower! Seriously!! Hahahahaha!!!