Sunday, June 28, 2009


Tonight, the boy's had their first meal from the bag with the golden arches.

Ketchup and all.Ben loved to dip, dip, dip his fries.

And then suck the ketchup off.
Not many nuggets made their way into his mouth.
But he was still a happy camper!
As for A.B., he THOROUGHLY enjoyed his entire meal.And he willingly took care of Ben's nuggets too.I think next time, we'll have to dine in though. A Happy Meal just isn't the same without the play place!


Lorena said...


Susan said...

How fun!

Tania said...

I can't believe that they made it to one and a half and this is their first mickey d's?!?!?! I loved to feed the boys fries when we were driving to keep them happy and quiet!! Abe looks like the "happy" part of the meal!!!!

PosterOfAGirl said...

Just as long as there was no soda slurping goin on! Just please no in-Walmart photos! Hey I got a new blog, I had to change :)

Teresa said...

These pictures make me so MCHAPPY
Love U